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  Il  Hoon  Son    

    C o m p o s e r       

Il Hoon Son was born in Seoul, South Korea. After he studied composition at the Korea National University of Arts, he came to the Netherlands and studied master degree in music and an artist diploma with Cornelis de Bondt, Rozalie Hirs, Jan van de Putte, and Peter Adriaansz in The Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Some of his works such as "Musical Game Series" give the performer maximum creativity to participate in. By doing so, the performer can assign his or her own taste to the work and produce different results for each performance. In particular, his work "Musical Game Series" has attracted much attention recently. As a composer in residence, Son composes works for ensemble Club M every year and his works have been premiered by the ensemble Club M in Seoul Arts Center concert hall. His works have been performed in the Festival Music in Pyeongchang, Yeoleum Son's music letter in Lotte Concert Hall, Artists' lounge in Seoul Arts Center etc. and he worked together with many other ensembles such as Het Nieuw Ensemble, Amsterdam piano quartet, Neo-fanfare 9x13 and Rotterdam Alexander Kamerkoor with Solists and baroque ensemble van het Koninklijk Conservatorium. His works have been performed on the stage of Gaudeamus Muziekweek in Utrecht, Dag in de Branding #36 in Den Haag, International Organ Festival in Haarlem, Het Orgelpark in Amsterdam and Het Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, etc. Son studied contemporary piano with Gerard Bouwhuis in The Royal Conservatory of the Hague and works as an improvisation pianist as well on the stage such as Seoul Free-music Festival, Amsterdam Oorsprong Curator Series, Seoul Dotolim concert series, Gaudeamus Sessie #18, Rewire Festival The Hague, The Festival Music in Pyeon Chang together with many of artists.