Musical Game Series #1


"20 Questions"


This piece is a pitch-guessing game for two players. It's simple but not easy to win.

Player 1 chooses 3 pitches. Player 2 has a maximum of 20 musical questions to guess these pitches.

•Instrumentation: 2 Pianos (also possible with 1 piano 4 hands or 4 pianos)


•Requirements: A performer must introduce the game to the audience.

 Screen and Projector (optional)


•Premiered by Amsterdam Piano Quartet, version for 4 pianos

Marja Bon, Gerard Bouwhuis, Ellen Corver, Sepp Grotenhuis

Dag in de Branding [Festival voor Nieuw Muziek] #36 "Games"

May 2015, Dr. Anton Philipszaal, Den Haag, Netherlands

•Premiered by Yeol Eum Son, Jong Hai Park, James Moon, Il Hoon Son, original version for 2 pianos