Musical Game Series #7


"Rhythm Bomb" for Nieuw Ensemble


Musical Game is a piece composed based on game rules and it gives the performer maximum creativity to participate in. This new game piece for Nieuw Ensemble is 7th among the series and it's a survival game. The 10 players have to pass the bomb on to each other quickly. A player with a bomb can pass a bomb by playing another player's specific rhythm. Three referees set a time limit of a bomb for each round and whatever player still playing at the bomb limit is eliminated from the game. Guess who will survive!

•Instrumentation: Fl. Ob. Cl. Gtr. Mdn. Hrp. Vn. Va. Vc. Db. Pf. Perc.


•Commissioned by Het Nieuw Ensemble

•Premiered by Het Nieuw Ensemble, conducted by Ryan Bancroft

•Live recording on 15th, February 2018 at Muziekgebouw Amsterdam