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Meditation II for chamber ensemble (2020) 10'

for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, double-bass and piano


Commissioned by ensemble ClubM <Moon Illusion>

Premiered on 9th October 2021 at Alpensia Concert Hall

I hope you are familiar with the song that starts with ‘Ground Control to Major Tom’ by David Bowie. The song <Space Oddity> (1969) was made after Stanley Kubrick's film <2001: A Space Odyssey> and represents ambiguous anxiety, thrill, and deep emotion. Nowadays, about 50 years later from the song, we go up to space more often and more safely. This means the era of civilian space travel has begun. <Meditation II> has a fantasy about a space journey coming back to Earth from the Moon. The piece starts with a syncopated rhythm by the piano. The tempo [Andante: at a walking pace] should be played as slowly walking on the moon along with low gravity. Find out more while listening to my imaginary-realistic space journey and come back to Earth safely.


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