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Ascent & Descent for bass viol and baroque ensemble (2022) 9'


Commissioned by Alte Musik Seoul <The Fairy Queen>

Premiered on 21st August 2022 at the IBK Chamber Hall, Seoul Arts Center

The ascent and descent could be the same road, but they are called differently depending on which direction one’s going. That is, the subject changes the inclination of the road, and the work expresses the process of realizing something from it. If you draw a straight line on the paper and a person on it, the ascent and the descent are completed at the same time. If we go further and change the angle of the paper, depending on how we look at the road, the road that used to be ascent/descent can become a cliff or flat. Looking at a given situation differently like this can sometimes help you regain your composure or relieve stress for a while with the thought of "That's even better".

The Ascent & Descent premiered on August 21, 2022, at the IBK Chamber Hall, Seoul Arts Center, with the performance of Alte Musik Seoul, led by music director Hyo Jung Kang the violist, and conductor Leonard Kwon.


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