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Rhythm Bomb for 12 players and conductor (2018) 20'

Musical Game Series #7 for Nieuw Ensemble


Musical Game is a piece composed based on game rules and it gives the performer maximum creativity to participate in. This new game piece for Nieuw Ensemble is 7th among the series and it's a survival game. The 10 players have to pass the bomb on to each other quickly. A player with a bomb can pass a bomb by playing another player's specific rhythm. Three referees set a time limit of a bomb for each round and whatever player still playing at the bomb limit is eliminated from the game. Guess who will survive!


Instrumentation: Fl. Ob. Cl. Gtr. Mdn. Hrp. Vn. Va. Vc. Db. Pf. Perc.

Commissioned by Het Nieuw Ensemble

Premiered by Het Nieuw Ensemble,

Conducted by Ryan Bancroft

Live recording on 15th, February 2018

at Muziekgebouw Amsterdam

​Second performance on 17th, February 2018

at Korzo Theater Den Haag

Third performance by Het Nieuw Ensemble, Conducted by Ed Spanjaard

Radio Broadcasting by NPO4 on 5th, December 2019 at Muziekgebouw Amsterdam


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